WGCI Ends 2016 in a Big Way

Chris Brown WGCI Big Jam (Photo Credit Hassahn)

Now that the champagne bottles have popped, the resolutions have been set, and everybody is returning to work, we still have to acknowledge WGCI for closing 2016 with a sold out concert at the United Center on Chicago’s West Side. On a relatively mild Friday night, WGCI’s Big Jam has the city buzzing.  With the WGCI talent sharing host responsibilities and a line-up that included some Chicago’s hottest artists like G Herbo, Lil Bibby, and Dreezy the scene was set as the Chicago love was flowing throughout the building.  Lil Yachty and Desiigner were the precursors to the main acts, which included Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and Young Thug so you already know this was a lit type of situation.

The Chi definitely showed love for its own as G-Herbo opened the show as he was joined halfway though his set by his Chicago brethren, Lil Bibby as they collectively rocked the stage for a packed audience. They held there own but the only female artist that graced the stage, Dreezy, elevated the show with are more creative and inspired performance as she seems to truly grasp the term showmanship.

The young man that said Biggie was overrated is definitely not the lyricist Christopher Wallace was but he had a few clever tricks up his sleeve to get the crowd engaged. At one point Lil Yachty had the entire United Center illuminated from the glow of cell phones as he perfumed his hit “One Night.” On this particular night, he was in charge as the diverse crowd followed his every command.

I can honestly say no one hits a stage like Desiigner.  His energy is like controlled fury on speed if that makes any sense. He makes crazy faces, jumps, dabs, flips the microphone, screams, and moves about like the tasmanian devil all while trying to deliver his vocals. You may not be able to understand everything he says but you damn sure know he means it. The Brooklyn native did offer an acapella version of his hit “Panda” so we could understand what he was saying but he exudes so much energy that you still leave the song mostly knowing that he has “broads in Atlanta.”

The next artist to hit the stage was somewhat of a surprise because he was arrested Wednesday night in Detroit after a meltdown on stage where he allegedly assaulted an officer.  Yes, Trey Songz was in the building and the roar that came from the crowd as he hit the stage with his band was the loudest the audience had been all evening. The ladies went crazy as Trigga went through a slew of hits. He had the UC rockin’ as everyone was saying “Aahh” and the neighbors definitely knew his name after this night due to various screams that came from the ladies in attendance. As the layers came off and Trey took off his shirt, the sweat poured, the screams got louder, and showed ascended to another level.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any louder, it was time for Breezy to hit the stage. He led his set off with an opening video montage that had young and old going absolutely nuts.  Once he actually stepped on the stage it was absolutely bananas as I could see a few young ladies crying by the mere presence of Chris Brown. Appealing to the younger audience, Chris mostly performed his uptempo joints and hit a few precision dance moves with his dancers. Although he joked that he was getting old, the kid still has it. Chris is the performer’s performer. Even when he is “taking it easy” he still brings a certain level of energy to the stage that is often unmatched.  He even paid a little homage to R Kelly as he sang the opening lines to the Kellz classic, “Bump & Grind.” Chris Brown definitely has the “IT” factor and he ended his show with the classic bow.

This could have been the perfect ending to the show but Young Thug was the close out artist. I’m not sure if there was a situation but he did have the crowd waiting for abut ten minutes before he hit the stage as his DJ attempted to keep the young and restless engaged. It’s hard to follow Chris Brown and I’m sure Young Thug felt a bit of that but he was able to get a few of his hits in as he time was shortened due to his tardiness.  He did his best Kanye impression as he did come out initially wearing a mask. As the mask came off, his energy picked up and he closed accordingly.

At the end of the day, WGCI always knows how to keep the party lit.  After all, they are the number one station in Chicago.  Kyle, Kendra, and Leon, collectively known as the Morning Takeover, know how to takeover a crowd. Frankie Robinson, Tone Capone, Dani D, Trey White, and everyone else on the WGCI staff are top notch Masters of Ceremonies. As long as they continue to bring the artists the people want to see, they will continue to reign.


Desiigner: WGCI BIg Jam (Photo Credit – Hassahn)

Young Thug: WGCI Big Jam (Photo Credit – Hassahn)



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