Cognac Drinker’s Blue Swift is for You

A Wednesday night with Cubs fever sweeping the city of Chicago, I was a little hesitant about stepping out for the evening but with Martell Cognac launching a new beverage, I knew I had to be there.  With a well respected 300 year history, I was excited to see what Martell Blue Swift was all about.

More than a cognac, Martell Blue Swift follows the curious spirit of founder Jean Martell, as he has produced one of the most world-renowned and established cognac brands in the world.

“The House of Martell has always proudly launched disruptive products, reinventing the standards through new blends, new designs and even new territories,” said Brian Smith, Brand Director, Marketing, Martell, Pernod Ricard USA. “Martell Blue Swift is a product born out of the power of curiosity, and we look to celebrate those who embody and share our curious spirit with the release of our latest innovation.”


My curious spirit for caramel colored spirits led me to 2324 W. Fulton Street. Martell spared no expense as Ovation, a Chicago revelation in private event space, designed for the discerning, played host to the event. Everyone from the young & the restless to the grown & sexy was in attendance for this private event. Laid back music, Passed hor d’oeuvres, a few signature Martell cocktails, and two flat screens showing the Cubs game was all I needed to have a good time.


Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Martell removed a secret wall to reveal a few cool surprises.  On the one’s and two’s was the world famous DJ Just Dizle playing the role of music selector.  There was live art being created to enhance our visual senses. Last but not least was the biggest reveal of all; a variety of tasting samples of Blue Swift along with several bottles of Martell’s new innovation.

What was once a mystery was now a reality as I instantly could smell the aromatic essence of Bourbon in this cognac.  The taste was smooth as some of the finest scotch I have tasted.  Blue Swift is a well-refined cognac. I know what you may be thinking – why am I comparing a cognac to bourbon and scotch?

Martell Cognac VSOP is finished in Kentucky Bourbon casks which gives a great aromatic essence of Bourbon and I personally love scotch more than cognac but the smoothness of Blue Swift is the perfect beverage to have neat or on the rocks, in the same fashion I enjoy my favorite single malts. Those are the ways I personally enjoy a fine brown beverage but Blue Swift also stands up to the cocktail test for those that prefer to cut the “heat” a little bit. I’m not a big cocktail guy but once again, Blue Swift  served as a perfect blend cognac as well as I tasted a few  of the signature cocktails.


With signature drinks, signature art, signature bites, and signature music, Martell pulled off an elegantly lit affair with the Chicago launch of Blue Swift.  The new innovation  will be exclusively available in select U.S. markets including AtlantaBaltimoreChicagoDetroitHouston and Washington D.C. with a suggested retail price of $49.99.

On this Chicago night the mood was smooth as blend.  All I can say about Blue Swift is enjoy and drink responsibly.



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