Let the Whiskey Pour and Enjoy the UNMATCHED Experience of UNTITLED


Cypher Lounge Radio has been doing quite a few things behind the scenes as we prepare for a Summer of Shenanigans! We were lucky enough in April to spend a little time at Chicago’s premiere Supper Club, Untitled. Yes, the name of the venue is actually Untitled. We attended the Third Annual American Whiskey Affair at UNTITLED and all I can say is the title of this place should be, Unmatched.

IMG_1737Before we even get to the Whiskey tasting, UNTITLED is a place where elegance meets charm, with an urban speak easy appeal. From the Whiskey Library, to the regal ambiance of the dining area, to the decadent restrooms, this place absolutely epitomizes beauty and sensuality. It is hard for a place to master the art of appealing to a diverse crowd but UNTITLED does that and more.  Whether you are on a first date, celebrating an anniversary, hanging with the fellas, or having a girl’s night out, UNTITLED is Unmatched in what it has to offer. The weekly events that range from live bands, spoken word, to burlesque shows all cater very well to eclectic crowd that chooses to enjoy the vibe of UNTITLED.

Enjoy an adult beverage or two as their whiskey selections is impeccable and although I didn’t try the food, the menu selections look intriguingly brilliant.  Although this place has high-end appeal and definitely provides an upscale experience, it doesn’t feel so high-end that you feel uncomfortable. It is definitely a hidden jewel where the grown & sexy masterfully mingle and blend in with the young & the restless.

IMG_1740On the stormy Thursday evening we attended UNTITLED for the Third Annual Whiskey Affair the sky may have been unsettled but patrons on hand were quite settled in with a variety of American whiskeys to sample, sip, and schmooze over.  Different blends of Angel’s Envy, Makers Mark, Michters, Wild Turkey, Stranahan’s, Defiant, Four Roses, Journeyman, Jim Beam/Beam Suntory, Woodford Reserve, Old Forrester, Jack Daniels, Tin Cup, Redemption, and a host of others were just a few of the brands I personally sampled.  I know that sounds like a lot of drinking, and honestly it was but when you are in a place like Untitled, you feel tastefully uninhibited and amazing unphased by anything except for the moment of pleasure you are experiencing in the moment. Not to mention, the staff was amazing by providing pitchers and pitchers of water throughout the venue while ensuring each vendor exercised caution with controlled pours.  

From the Bulliet Frontier Whiskey Woody Trailer parked right outside to the UNBRIDLED show,  which is UNTITLED’s  sexy circus of amazing ‪aerialists‬, dynamic duos, naughty ‪acrobatics‬, cheeky fun and titillating ‪burlesque‬, during the after party, this place perfectly provides prohibition era styled intrigue and mystery with modern-day mood and maturation.

When we are Chicago UNTITLED will definitely we our go to spot for an UNMATCHED experience. Check them out at http://untitledsupperclub.com.



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