George Tandy Jr. Marches into the Cypher

george-tandy-jrIf this is your first time logging on to Cypher Lounge Radio then allow us to pop your cherry with a great dose of sophisticated ignorance because that is how we do each Wednesday night at 7pm PST.

This week the lovely Dasha, The Divine Divah and Hassahn Phenomenon welcome R&B singer, George Tandy Jr. to the Cypher. George Tandy, Jr. creates brilliant music that is rich with honesty, vulnerability and raw emotion. He is not your typical church singing choir boy or even a classically trained vocalist or pianist, but his messages are conveyed clearly and powerfully. Fans often refer to his voice as hypnotizing and pure. Each piece of music creates an inner journey to a time and place that is unique to the listener.

Cypher Lounge Radio is coming through the Cypher to talk about his career and his single “March” that is rising up the charts. We are going to get all up in his business and ask him how he got signed to RedStar Entertainment. We heard it was quite the story.

As always, we have the incomparable DJ Mark One live on the 1’s and 2’s bringing you the dopest Six Minute Mix on the planet. You don’t want to miss this so Tune-In Sucka!



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