Cypher Lounge Radio Rocks Thanksgiving Eve With…

Everybody grab somebody, turn this mother into a party as you Get On Up with Cypher Lounge Radio.

This week Dasha, The Divine Divah and Hassahn Phenomenon are giving thanks in the Cypher and you are welcomed to join in the party.  Celebrating with the dynamic duo will be multifaceted entertainer and baker, Eddie Eason III.  He will be coming through to talk to about Eddie’s Edibles.

Also joining the party will be comedian Janet Rousseau. She is coming through and bringing along two special guest with her. Let’s just say one half of the legendary group Jodeci will be joining her in the Cypher Lounge.

If that wasn’t enough for you, we also have comedian, Chinedu Unaka stepping into the Cypher to chop it up with HP and Dasha.  As always, DJ Mark One will b e holdin’ it down on the 1’s and 2’s with the Six Minute Mix.

It’s Cypher Lounge Radio so Tune-In Sucka!



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