Cypher Lounge Radio Loves That Girl

Girl close your eyes and let that rhythm get into you this Wednesday night at 7pm PST  on the infamous, Cypher Lounge Radio. Dasha, The Divine Divah and Hassahn Phenomenon are going this week for a very special edition of Cypher Lounge.  This week it’s all about the TV One show, “Love That Girl.”

To get the party started, the dynamic duo welcome Actress/Comedian, Bresha Webb.  She drops through to obviously talk about her hilarious character on ” Love That Girl,‘ but to also chop it about hitting the stage as a stand-up comedian and her other aspirations in the industry.

Continuing with the hilarity, we also invite Actor, Alphonso McAuley to talk about his highly significant role on the “Love That Girl” sitcom and his life and career in the ever-changing world of Hollyweird.

Now if you thought we were finished, then you are dead wrong.  Also joining the party is actor Trae Ireland also from the cast of “Love That Girl.” He is coming through to drop his two cents about the show and his acting endeavors.

Also stopping by the Cypher Lounge for quick minute will be artist Brian Fort as he drops through to chop it up about his upcoming showcase at the Bakery Lounge where HP and Dasha have guest hosted a few times.

As always, we got DJ Mark One on the 1’s and 2’s bringing that feel good music in his world-renowned Six Minute Mix.  It’s going down like for flat tires on a low-rider on Cypher Lounge Radio each and every Wednesday night at 7pm PST. Tune-In Sucka!


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