Cypher Lounge Is All About Edutainment This Week

Today’s topic Self Destruction, it’s really not the rap audience that’s buggin’, It’s Cypher Lounge Radio bringing you the best in Hip-Hop, Soul, & Edutainment.

This Wednesday night at 7pm PST, Dasha, The Divine Divah and Hassahn Phenomenon are bringing you a few people that believe in persevering the culture though the education of our youth.

The dynamic duo welcome Sebastien Elkouby to the lounge to talk about his Global Awareness Through Hip-Hop Culture program that he offers to inner-city high school youth across the country.

Also joining the party is LaMar Queen & and Jimmy Pascascio from Music Notes, where they teach educational concepts through the use of quality music that the youth actually enjoys and relates to.

Not only that, we will be giving out more information about the upcoming PenUp Songwriters Networking Event created by Cypher Lounge family members, Shaun Beastley and Delaney Douglas.  If you are trying to be in the business, this is exactly where you want and need to be.  It goes down, March 24th at 7pm PST at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.  We actually might have the brothers call in and drop a few jewels about the event.

As always, it’s going down like four flat tires on a low-rider each and every Wednesday night on Cypher Lounge Radio.  Tune-In Scholar!

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