Cypher Lounge Welcomes the Pen Up Team & Take-1

What happens there is  suppose to stay there but this week  at 7pm PST on Wednesday evening, Hassahn Phenomenon & Dasha, The Divine Divah are back to give you the the low-down on what happened on their Vegas excursion.

Joining in the debauchery this week the dynamic duo welcome Shaun Beastly and Delaney Harlem from the PEN UP Songwriter’s Networking Event.  They will be dropping by to talk about what the people can expect from attending this industry function.

Also joining the party is the Twin Cities, MC, Take-1.  He is dropping by to chop it up with Dasha & HP about his flourishing career in the world of hip-hop.

As always, DJ Mark One will be on the one’s & two’s providing the six minute mix.  It’s going down like four flat tires on Cypher Lounge Radio each and every Wednesday. Tune-In Sucka!

Listen to internet radio with Cypher Lounge Radio on Blog Talk Radio


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