Cypher Lounge is Dysfunkshunal & We are Rock-in P.I.N.K

We are the kings of rock, there is none higher sucker MCs should call us…Cypher Lounge Radio.  This Wednesday night at 7pm PST make sure you join Hassahn Phenomenon and Dasha the Divine Diva as the welcome a variety of intriguing guests to the Cypher Lounge.

Dysfunkshunal Familee will be joining  the party as the stop through to talk about their new album Family Reunion and their new 9th Wonder produced single “Be A Star.”

Also joining the dynamic duo will be Jennifer Davis, C.E.O of the P.I.N.K Foundation.  She is coming through the Cypher Lounge to talk about their upcoming charity event in LA, which Cypher Lounge Radio is proud to be sponsoring.

If that wasn’t enough for you, Tony Rock will be dropping back into the Lounge for a second time to talk about his upcoming Live to Laugh charity event at the W. Hotel in Hollywood.  

As always, it’s going down like 4 flat tires on a low-rider on Cypher Lounge Radio this Wednesday at 7pm and every other Wednesday for that matter.  Tune-In Suckas!


Listen to internet radio with Cypher Lounge Radio on Blog Talk Radio


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