Ringtone Rap Revolution

Wham bam, thank  you ma’am, I don’t even give a damn. Momma use to make me spam, now I’m eatin’ turkey ham. The ridiculous sequence of words you see before you are actually 4 bars of lyrics that I just came up with literally in 10 seconds. unfortunately, these lyrics are on the same level as a large majority of the music that is currently in rotation on radio and in the clubs across the country.  With that being said, accomplished journalist, Kyra Kyles of the world famous Kyle’s Files blog is on a relentless mission to prove how easy it is to pump out terrible, disposable, though catchy rap songs in today’s industry with her Ringtone Rap Project.  Kyra, a self-proclaimed non-rapper, has hooked up with  rapper/singer//producer Nikki Lynette and super producer Antongenius to create an absolutely brainless song in order to aid in killing this bad rap epidemic that is plaguing our airwaves.  Currently Kyra is in the studio working on her Ringtone Rap Project single, “Shamrock Shake.”  Yeah you read that right, it is called “Shamrock Shake” simply because she likes those tasty beverages from Mickey D’s. But instead of going on an on about it, check out the link to the video she posted on the Kyle’s Files that  walks you through the calculated yet non-calculated steps in takes to make Ringtone Rap. RINGTONE RAP PROJECT VIDEO  LINK


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