Cypher Lounge Radio Is Dangerous-Lee Precise

We had a lot of superstars on this radio show tonight, but we want y’all to know one thing…This is our muthaf&*$ing house and when we say whose house, y’all say…Cypher Lounge.  Once again ladies and gentlemen, it will another intriguing evening on the one and only Cypher Lounge Radio.  Coast to coast, LA to Chicago, The Divine Diva, Dasha and Hassahn Phenomenon will be broadcasting from two different cities as they welcome Chicago emcee, Precise as he drops through the lounge to talk about his current “It’s On Me” project as well as his collaboration on the S.O.U.L song created by HP and Emilio Bucks.   Also stopping through will be former  Blog Talk Radio host and now author,  Dangerous Lee.  She is coming through to talk about her critically acclaimed book of 6 safe sex erotic stories cleverly entitled, “Keep Your Panties Up & Your Skirts Down.” While the panties may be going up, everything else is definitely going down on Cypher Lounge Radio.  Tune-in each Wednesday night at 7pm PST to hear Dasha & Hassahn make it do what it do baby.
Listen to Cypher Lounge Radio on Blog Talk Radio


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