Funky-Fresh Dressed to Impress Ready to Party in the Cypher Lounge

Funky fresh dressed to impress, ready to party for another night on Cypher Lounge Radio.  This Wednesday night at 7pm PST, Hassahn Phenomenon and the divine diva, Dasha will be “Grindin” with one half of Virginia’s finest, Pusha T from the Clipse as he talks about the new album, new endeavors, and the legacy the Clipse will leave on hip-hop.  Cypher Lounge Radio also welcomes the incomparable producer/emcee and mastermind behind Project Generation D, Reggie “Nobody Famous” Perry as he joins the party to spread the word about PGD, which is an after school program for children and teens ages 12-17 years old. PGD is dedicated to providing students with a positive environment to flourish in the creative digital arts. Just when you thought it was over, stay tuned as HP & Dasha will announce the winner for the K. Sparks “Watchin Me” Remix contest. March 24. 2010 will go down in history as the night Dasha and HP switch the style up and if they hate then let them hate and watch the listeners pile up.  Well maybe not, but as always, it’s going down like 4 flat tires on low riders on Cypher Lounge Radio.  Be sure to tune-in!


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