The First Official Show – Animal Style

March 3, 2010 came and went as Dasha and I began our journey to carry out the vision of what we and Co-Owner, Kareem Fort envisioned Cypher Lounge Radio to be.  Although there were many behind-the-scenes bumps and bruises, most of those didn’t seem to come across on the air.  The first show was just more of an introduction of Dasha, myself, and Cypher Lounge as whole.  We played a little music, spoke on a few things in the news, thanked our wonderful sponsors and affiliates,  and expressed how we first fell in love with Hip-Hop.  Joining us on our first official show to talk about his current mix tape, “Animal Style,” was west coast emcee, El Prez, who let us know that he is all about lyricism, professionalism, networking, his Blackberry,  good music, thick women, and medical marijuana cards.  Our resident DJ Mark One dropped in along with a few surprise callers.  How about I just let you all check it out for yourself if you missed it. We air every Wednesday night from 7 pm – 9pm PST.  You don’t want to miss the upcoming weeks because it’s guaranteed to be what we like to call “The Absolute iish!” Check out the first show HERE


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