Cypher Lounge Promo Clip

Greetings & Salutations Family, Friends, & Honored Guests. Welcome to Cypher Lounge Radio where Hip-Hop meets Jay Leno with a twist of CNN. Co-Founder & brains behind the scenes, Kareem Fort, and Talented Co-Founder/Emcee/Songwriter/Cypher Lounge Host, Hassahn Phenomenon invites C0-Host Dasha, “The Divine Diva,” celebrities, indie artists, and anybody out there changing the world to an experience where they get to relax, reflect, laugh, converse, and showcase their talents. To understand the vibe of the Cypher Lounge, imagine a private After-Party where Jay-z, MC-Lyte, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, Frank Sinatra, Common, Kid Capri, Dr. Dre, Chris Rock, John Singleton, Run-DMC, Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, Little Brother, Cool Kids, the dude that lives down the street from you, and a host of others could all come together, enjoy some good music, and talk about the ups, downs, smile, and frowns in life. Now that you got the picture, welcome to Cypher Lounge Radio.

Although Cypher Lounge officially launches in February 2010, we are already setting the standard for what radio should be.  Along with interviewing some of the most innovative artists in the game during our pre-launch phase, we have several  sponsors on board  including, Roaring Lion Energy Drink,  P5 Audio, HipNott Records, and a few others. .  Thus far we have interviewed R Kelly, Three 6 Mafia, Affion Crockett, KRS One, Little Brother, Jodeci, Damon Wayans Jr. Tiphani Abney, the editor of, and a few others. In anticipation of the big launch, we have also covered several industry events.   Just to name a few we have covered the  Puma & Parton Maasai Conservation Party, The Hornitos Block Party w/Jazzy Jeff, and the Ableton Launchpad Launch Party. Stay Tuned!

2 responses to “CYPHER LOUNGE RADIO COMING FEB. 2010!

  1. Yo wuss good Cypher Lounge. Just wanted to say congrats on the 1st show; wish you must continued success.

    I don’t know if it’s just me or not but I seem to have difficulty finding the link to listen in to the show. Is it possible to add a button to the webpage that links you directly to the live stream of the show?



    • What’s Good Tone. First and foremost, thanks for the love on the show. We appreciate the feedback and we absolutely will do what you suggested. You will see the direct link to listen to the show on the blog site and other places as well.

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